Lesson 6

Lesson 6

Paid Domestic Workers Equality of Working Conditions Federal and state laws prohibit sex discrimination with regard to either the conditions of your workplace or the employment benefits you receive. If rest periods are provided, the conditions and amount of time must be equal for both sexes. Equal access to comparable and adequate toilet facilities must be provided to employees of both sexes. Locks may be installed on common facilities to ensure privacy. An employer may not consider sex when providing clerical assistance, office space, or any other support service. An employer may not assign job duties according to sex stereotypes.

GAO Examines Federal Employee vs. Contractor Costs

Tension is common in federal employee-contractor relationships FedBuzz By Corey McCarren for GovLoop May 18, Government workers and contractors share many things — office space, project goals and a drive to improve government programs and services. Yet there are differences that can lead to tension when public-private partnerships approach a problem from their unique vantage points.

As private-sector employees, contractors may want to be more innovative than bureaucracy allows, and being unable to push the envelope can cause frustration. A bad experience on either side can have a lasting impact on productivity and perception both during and beyond the contract period.

particular federal employees would receive more or less compensation in the private sector. CBO’s analysis focuses on wages, benefits, and total compensation (the sum of wages and benefits). It is intended to address the question of how the federal.

Federal Government Contract Overview Federal Government Contract Overview From formation through administration, contracting with the federal government is a highly regulated process with many traps for the unsuspecting. Unlike commercial contracting, which is governed generally by the Uniform Commercial Code and the common law, federal government contracting is governed by a maze of statutes and regulations.

These statutory and regulatory provisions dictate, for example, what method or process an agency must use to solicit a contract; how the agency is to negotiate or award a contract; and under certain circumstances, what costs the Government will reimburse and how a contractor must account for those costs.

In addition, a government contractor must remain aware that it is subject to the policy dictates of the sovereign. Government imposes a host of socio-economic obligations through its contracts, including requirements related to affirmative action, drug-free work place, subcontracting, and minimum employee wages. Although Congress has streamlined the contracting process to reduce the burdens on contractors offering commercial products and services, any entity considering entering into a government contract must tread carefully.

The CICA, applicable to both defense and civilian acquisitions, requires federal agencies to seek and obtain “full and open competition” wherever possible in the contract award process. Only in seven circumstances may a federal agency award a contract using a sole source contractor or “other than full and open competition. It implements or addresses nearly every procurement-related statute or executive policy. In doing so, the FAR reaches every stage of the acquisition process.

The FAR’s promulgation in reflected the Congress’ efforts to create a uniform structure for Executive Branch federal contracting.

Moonlighting Restrictions Emphasized

Dem leaders call on acting AG to recuse himself from Russia probe A year-old federal contractor was charged Monday with leaking a top-secret NSA report — detailing how Russian military hackers targeted US voting systems just days before the election. It claims the calculated cyberattack may have been even more far-reaching and devious than previously thought. She was charged with removing and mailing classified materials to a news outlet, DOJ officials said.

Rosenstein explained in a statement. According to the document, it was Russian military intelligence that conducted the cyberattacks last year. While the name of the company is unclear, the report refers to an undisclosed product made by VR Systems — an electronic voting services and equipment vendor in Florida that has contracts in eight states, including New York.

The Defense Department’s standards of conduct office has put out guidance to employees reminding them that they generally cannot moonlight for contractors in the government workplace, saying.

Contractors among those shut out by shutdown Karl Merton Ferron, Baltimore Sun Tiffany House is a federal contract employee who was furloughed when the government shut down on Oct. But the single mom from Hyattsville will be in a position different from her co-workers when the agency reopens. Because House works for NOAA through a private contractor, she isn’t likely to receive retroactive pay.

As Congress considers legislation to provide back pay to an estimated , furloughed federal workers , far less attention has been paid to contract employees — many of whom work side by side with their agency counterparts. Some of them, including House, have applied for unemployment. Maryland is home to nearly 15, prime federal contractors that together employ about , people, according to estimates from the state Department of Business and Economic Development.

The companies handle a broad variety of work, from designing software and protecting computer data to cleaning offices and serving food. An unknown number of those contractors are without work during the shutdown, now in its second week. While it’s difficult to quantify the economic impact, analysts say that having thousands of people suddenly out of work is almost certainly a drag on Maryland’s economy.

Bethesda-based Lockheed Martin alone is furloughing 2, employees, many of them in Maryland.

Employee Responsibilities and Conduct

This document sets forth the Agency’s review of and response to comments on the proposal and any changes made in response to those comments. Congress enacted USERRA to protect the rights of persons who voluntarily or involuntarily leave employment positions to undertake military service. USERRA authorizes the Secretary of Labor in consultation with the Secretary of Defense to prescribe rules implementing the law as it applies to States, local governments, and private employers.

The Agency invited written comments on these proposed rules, and any specific issues related to the proposal, from members of the public. This rule will be effective on January 18, The Department invited written comments on the proposed regulations from interested parties.

What are the consequences if a Contractor uses the JTR as travel and transportation regulations for Contractors’ employees? It can easily cause the Contractor to misunderstand what the Contractor’s employees can/can’t do/be paid under the Government contract.

This Advisory outlines several types of cost-savings measures that a government contractor can legally take with respect to personnel during a loss of revenue. Additionally, contractors can also expect delays in payment for any authorized work that does proceed during the shutdown. Potential cost-savings mechanisms Faced with the prospect of loss of revenue while having to pay employees for work they are unable to perform because of the shutdown, government contractors have several cost-saving options: Furloughs of exempt employees: For exempt employees, employers must implement furloughs in full week increments.

Employers are permitted to reduce the predetermined salary amount to be paid regularly to an exempt employee during a business or economic slowdown, provided that the reduction is prospective in nature, bona fide, and not intended to evade the salary requirements. Accordingly, employers should avoid partial-day and single-day furloughs and instead furlough exempt employees in full one-week increments. It is imperative that employees are prohibited from performing any work during the furloughed period, because employers are required to pay an exempt employee the full predetermined salary amount free and clear for any week in which the employee performs any work without regard to the number of days or hours worked.

Furloughed employees may be eligible for unemployment benefits for the time they are unpaid, but such eligibility is determined by state law. Furloughs of non-exempt employees: Subject to any employment agreements that provide otherwise, rather than furlough employees, employers can prospectively reduce salaries or the rate of pay for both exempt and nonexempt employees.

How to deal with contractor misconduct

Monday, August 19th, Uncategorized No Comments Government contractors are required to follow stringent guidelines when it comes to timekeeping. Whether direct or indirect labor, employees working on a government contract must follow the requirements laid out below. When performing work under a government contract, whether as a prime or a lower-tier subcontractor, the costs billed are being paid by a federal government agency. With that in mind, the timesheet becomes a legal document and a source document in the payment process.

When an employee signs their timesheet, they are certifying that the charges on their timesheet are accurate and correct.

The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (“OFCCP”) created a new “Requesting a Reasonable Accommodation” pocket card for use by applicants to federal jobs and federal employees.

Issue Briefs Following is the summary of a review by GAO of a report produced by the Defense Department on comparing the costs of federal employees versus contractors. In response to Congressional direction, the Department of Defense DOD issued a report in April comparing the costs of federal civilian and service contractor personnel at select installations. The report addressed three out of four provision elements and partially addressed one, as discussed below.

DOD concluded that neither federal civilians nor service contractors were predominately more or less expensive, with costs being dependent on position, location, and level of seniority. DOD noted that it used a non-probability based sample of personnel for its report, and the results are not generalizable. An assessment of performance of functions being performed by federal civilian and service contractor personnel at six military installations, with four being in the continental United States and two being outside the continental United States.

GAO believes that DOD addressed this requirement because it developed a methodology to assess performance of functions performed by federal civilians and service contractors at 17 organizations within nine geographic regions including two locations outside the continental United States. DOD used data from the Defense Civilian Personnel Data System to identify military installations with large reported numbers of federal civilians.

DOD determined that personnel need to perform at least 80 percent common tasks to be able to make a comparison. An accounting of the fully-burdened, or full, cost of federal civilian and service contractor personnel performing functions at the selected installations including training, benefits, reimbursable costs, and facility overhead.

Frequently Asked Questions: Federal Contractors and E

As prescribed in Government-Contractor Relations JUN a The Government and the Contractor understand and agree that the services to be delivered under this contract by the contractor to the Government are non-personal services and the parties recognize and agree that no employer-employee relationship exists or will exist under the contract between the Government and the Contractor’s personnel. It is, therefore, in the best interest of the Government to afford both parties a full understanding of their respective obligations.

For example, if the Federal employee is responsible for accepting work products from your contract while you are dating creates a procurement integrity issue and if you are married, it .

I’ve just started my own real estate company, and I have six people working for me. Some of them work in the office, performing administrative duties, and some of them are real estate agents. I’ve been classifying everyone as an employee, but based on some of the reading I’ve been doing I’m not sure that’s right anymore.

I also thought I was doing what I was supposed to be doing regarding my federal tax obligations as a business owner with employees but again, now I’m not so sure. Can you help me help myself-and my workers? Janene, we have exactly the information you’re looking for. In this lesson, we’ll discuss Janene’s- and your-responsibilities as an employer or as one who pays others for services in the course of your trade or business.

Whether you’re handling this yourself like Janene is, or paying someone else to do it, you need to know your responsibilities.

Federal Contractor definitions

This includes citizens and noncitizens. Both employees and employers or authorized representatives of the employer must complete the form. On the form, an employee must attest to his or her employment authorization. The employee must also present his or her employer with acceptable documents evidencing identity and employment authorization.

Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) , entitled Personal Identity Verification of Federal Employees and Contractors, was developed to satisfy the requirements of HSPD 12, approved by the Secretary of Commerce, and issued on February 25,

An error occurred while trying to submit your feedback. Please try again later. What are some of the issues teleworkers should be aware of? View more Teleworkers should be aware of: Coping with interruptions and distractions — Often friends, neighbors and family members do not realize that a teleworker is working. Although an occasional, brief interruption may be welcome, teleworkers must learn to keep interruptions to a minimum. Working long hours — Teleworkers need to be careful they do not slip into “workaholism.

Teleworkers should give careful consideration to the balance or integration of their work and personal lives to avoid burnout. Exercising self-control — If teleworkers find themselves procrastinating, they should evaluate their work habits and make necessary changes to ensure productivity.

Nigerian government to pay N2.7tn owed contractors, pensioners

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