My wife’s oil cap blew off and oil got all over the engin

My wife’s oil cap blew off and oil got all over the engin

You got right down to my core misunderstanding. My epiphany occurred on the idea that “the entire chassis is an extension of the minus terminal of the battery”. I’m still wondering why cars are designed this way, but that wasn’t in my original question. To be shocked, you have to touch two points that are connected to opposite terminals of the battery. And the voltage is low, yes. I had a car once where the chassis was painted–I had to scratch the paint if I wanted to make electrical contact. If it’s contact resistance we’re worried about, maybe it would have been better to clip to the terminal? I am guessing that the difference would probably be less than 10 milliohm. The whole car is designed to work that way. Everything use earth return.

Jumper Cables & Clamps

Contact Author Source Battery problems can strike without warning, the unsuspecting owner fearing that something terrible happened to their vehicle overnight and now it won’t start at all. More often than not though, the vehicle is completely fine other than a battery that’s acting up. Car batteries are probably the most volatile component in the car, and it doesn’t take much for them to go bad.

Made feet long, the cables will be ideal to charge cars apart. You do not need to be a few inches apart. Even at the side or at the back the booster car can .

Next Owning a working set of jumper cables — and knowing how to use them — is a must for drivers. Since using jumper cables incorrectly can be dangerous, follow every step precisely. Most jumper cables have an instruction card or label so you can make sure you’re connecting them the right way. Find a car to serve as the boosting car. Park the two cars — the dead car and the boosting car — close to one another, making sure that they’re not touching each other.

Make sure both cars’ engines are turned off, and both cars are in park. Clamp the red jumper cable i. Clamp the black jumper cable i. Make sure that the clamp is firmly connected to the battery. Clamp the other end of the black jumper cable to a bare, metal surface on the engine of the dead car. This can be a bolt or a screw. This provides grounding for the jump start [source: Ensure that the jumper cables are not touching any engine parts.

Start the booster car’s engine and let it idle for a few minutes.

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The cost of the Research Associate program is. It’s easy to jump start your car if you are stranded with a dead battery. Jumper cables are easy to use with these simple instructions.

Once the dead car is running, you may disconnect the jumper cables, starting with the black, negative cable clamps. Do not let the clamps touch each other while any part of the cables is still attached to a car.

You are making this very complicated and it is not. Are both cables getting hot? Yes, then both cables may have to much resistance for the current going through them or both cables-connections may be bad. Connect an amp meter up to either one to verify the loop current and go from there. A current of over amps with the lights off and blower off is too high. If the battery is shorted and drawing too much current then the alternator is over working and it should be quite warm too.

What is the voltage at the battery with the engine at idle? Any excessive resistance of a cable will dissipate heat. Once copper gets too hot it will always have an increased resistance. No, the starter should not cause the heat in the cable. I came across this thread when searching because I have a very hot POS cable.


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If your battery has died, you may be able to use jumper cables to jump start it from some good Samaritan’s vehicle. If you can safely use jumper cables on your vehicle, make sure that the battery on the good Samaritan’s vehicle has at least as much voltage as your own.

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Antenna booster Pick a spot in your television cable run where you can install the booster. A TV antenna signal booster is installed in-line; that is, the cable must connect to the input and output of the booster see the picture. If you’re only boosting the signal for one television, it’s logical to install it near the television. If you’re boosting signal for multiple televisions, choose a spot near your antenna line splitter. Step Unscrew the television cable from its existing connection i.

You’ll only need a short length of coaxial cable with RG connectors for this. The connectors on the end of your cable simply unscrew and screw on.

How To Connect Jumper Cables To A Battery

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Connect the negative cable (black)(-) to the negative post of the good battery. Connect the negative cable to a metal part of the dead vehicles engine. Do not attach the negative cable to the negative post. Get in your vehicle and start it up. Once it is started, disconnect the cables in the reverse order.

You may reprint this article in its entirety including the title and author information. When reprinting, please include the following: This would be used in applications such as laptop batteries, some scooters, some ups backups, etc. Use a jumper cable between the positives of both batteries and another jumper cable between the negatives of both batteries. Connect your positive and negative wires to the same battery to run to your application.

When connecting batteries in a pack there are some important things to keep in mind – – Find out the requirements of your application.

How to Use Jumper Cables

Just need to know how to hook up jumper cables properly. First make sure vehicles are close enough for cables to reach set parking brakes on both vehicles. Make sure vehicles are in park or neutral.

May 02,  · Yes hooking up jumper cables wrong can do lots of harm to the entire electrical system. Sometimes it only takes out individual components, sometimes it can fry the ECU, and it can take out the alternator : Resolved.

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